Offering medical expertise in the field of psychiatry,
including medication management and psychotherapy,
with compassionate care tailored to fit your individual needs.

Dr. Nivea B. Calico MD Services

Now offering Genetic testing with Genesight
(neuropsychiatric pharmacogenomic testing to better understand how your DNA works with medications prescribed to you.)

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation


Medication Management with combined 45 min Therapy Session


Medication Management Session


*Reduced fees are offered for those who want to see Dr. Calico and are in need of financial assistance.  If this is your current situation, please call and speak with Dr. Calico to set up an appointment and a more affordable payment arrangement.  
*Please note that Dr. Calico does not participate on any insurance panels and does not accept insurance assigned rates. All fees are paid up front by the patient upon time of service. Payments accepted include, Cash and Credit Card. However, her services are reimbursable by most health plans that offer out-of-network coverage. Please contact your insurance provider beforehand to ensure reimbursement options.  We will assist with maximizing reimbursements but patients are responsible for confirming their coverage beforehand, and for filing insurance claims. This policy protects the nature and privacy of your treatment from third parties.