Bill Farr – Wellness Coach


“I am devoted to helping people find balance in their life and harmony within themselves and with their partner. I do this with meditation, nutrition, and delving into the subconscious mind for positive change and long-term effects.
I offer my appreciation and gratitude for your interest in this work and only hope I can provide some insight towards making the path more enjoyable.”

– Bill –

Bill Farr is a best selling author, speaker, and wellness coach. He is an instructor in various forms of meditation, an accredited Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner, Reconnective Healer, a channel, Qi Gong instructor and Reiki practitioner.

His work is based on a mind, body, and spirit approach to wellness and finding purpose in work and relationships. This combines nutrition, meditation, and overcoming blocks set up in the subconscious mind.


Chinese and Indian Herbology with Master Herbalist – Dean Alter (Northern Thailand) (2011 – Present)

Natural Healing and Qi-Gong – Master Zhoe Ting-Jue – (2008-2010)

Reconnective Healing – Eric Pearl / Katt Lowe (2015)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy – Dolores Cannon (2016)

Reiki 1&2 – Christina Zuniga (Thailand) (2011)

Bill has also studied with:

  • Buddhist monks while living in Hong Kong (2010-2011)
  • Shamanic healers while living in Costa Rica, Colombia, and with Drunvalo Melchizedek (western representative for the Mayan people, at the school of remembering) (2000 – 2012)
  • Enlightened Guru’s from India (Sadhguru, Dr. Pillai, Nithyananda (2012-present)

Group Coaching
Couples Coaching