Consuelo Casarotto, L.Ac

Classic and Esoteric Acupuncture, Holisitic Healer


I organize Group Workshops, Events and Retreats, kundalini yoga and SNR to promote an evolutionary movement of energy and consciousness that deeply touches people’s hearts while also awakening the awareness of our profound interconnectedness.

Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR) is a very profound healing modality associated with the Kundalini Yoga tradition. SNR means “deep relaxation in the name of the Divine” and uses contemplative awareness to sense and harmonize the flow of consciousness and energy in your mind-body system. Receiving a SNR healing usually produces a deep sense of inner peace, a profound connection and transcendence. It awakens the body’s own self-healing capacities, positively alters subconscious thoughts and beliefs, releases any blockages and balances your relationships and circumstances. Receiving a SNR session grants you a profound healing impact. It produces a deep meditative state of inner peace, connection, and transcendence that stays with you long after your session ends. A SNR session may be received without physical contact, as distance healing.