Consuelo Casarotto, L.Ac

Classic and Esoteric Acupuncture, Holisitic Healer


“Every being possesses a uniqueness all her or his own. True healing is a transformational journey of the soul to unveil the eternal flame in your heart, igniting your highest potential. We are all on this journey. Weaving together classical acupuncture with other healing modalities, I guide you to the threshold of your own awakening to illuminate your inner harmony and beauty.”

– Consuelo Casarotto –

I am a holistic healer with over 10 years of experience. Classical and Esoteric Acupuncture are the mainstay of my practice to help you activate and balance your whole mind-body system. They can support your psycho-emotional healing process in graceful and profound ways, as they are, in essence, a heart-centered, spiritual medicine oriented to connect you to your Heart and align you with your highest purpose.

No matter where you are in your journey, my intention as a healer is to guide you to experience your full self-expression, to rise up to your uniqueness, as well as to presence, accept and deeply honor your full humanity. I invest myself to care and fully assist you in your process with a blend of acupuncture, shamanic and mindful practices, dietary guidelines, health and lifestyle coaching, creative-prescriptions and self-cultivation practices.

Prior to becoming an Acupuncturist, I worked at the United Nations in the areas of Governance and Alternative Development. My last assignment took me to Afghanistan for almost two years to help curb opium production. Through my work with the United Nations, New York City government and personal travels abroad, I was privileged to connect with both the highest echelons of power and the most remote and culturally diverse communities. I came to realize that beyond all our apparent differences we are all interconnected and the only veritable solution to both our human conflict within and the global problems at large, is a return to the higher wisdom of the Heart.