Come join us July 1st at 7pm, in this beautiful space for a wonderful and transformative group meditation.

Organized by: Holistic Wellness Center New York
Group Meditation Class (1- hour)

Using powerful ancient but simple techniques, you will experience activation of your inner energy or what the Chinese refer to as, “Chi, ” offering health, more energy & mental clarity, and the ability to remove negative emotions and bring in positive ones.

After learning the Chi movement technique, the group is guided in meditation to successfully clear their energy body, chakras, and Aura. This removes emotional and physical stress allowing you, from our meditation, to create a protective energy body around you.
In over ten years of teaching this, everyone is able to access their Chi, so be confident you can too. Once opened to this you will have created a way to manifest more positive abundance in your life.

This technique is powerful in removing stress or anxiety, depression, or any strong negative emotions such as jealousy, rage, etc. It is also a great way to change those patterns, allowing healing to your chakras, aura, as well as your physical and emotional body.

These are combined meditations learned from Buddhist monks and South American Shaman. Nothing is required but it is a good idea to have comfortable clothes, a yoga mat or meditation pillow and a pen and paper to write down any intuitions or notes to do this on your own once completed.

Classes include theory, Q & A, exercises to incorporate the subconscious mind and how to improve your meditations with nutrition, decalcification of the pineal gland, and more.

Dr. Nivea Calico
Holistic Wellness Center New York

113 University Place, 11th Floor, NY NY 10003

RSVP at or show up at least 15 mins before the start of the class. Cost $25 and can be paid at the time of the class. (cash or credit cards accepted)