Manju Pradhan, PhD


I have over 10 years of experience as a health, counseling and geropsychologist. My specializations are anxiety, namely obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, health psychology and racial and multicultural identity issues in mental health. Anxiety related to an uncertain future has gained traction for most and I help people cope with and eliminate their intrusive worries, excessive need for reassurance and compulsive behaviors. My practice has extended to essential personnel with a history of extraordinary pandemic stressors to alleviate their work related depression and anxiety. I also work with general adults and the geriatric population who present with anxiety and depression related to managing chronic medical conditions, relationship issues, grief and loss, workplace and pandemic stressors feel that they have a voice.
I am affirming of people across the spectrum of humanity and have specialized racial and multicultural training that I apply clinically to strengthen self-understanding and empowerment. I enjoy helping my clients improve while facing challenges such as (but not limited to): interpersonal and internalized racism, acculturative stress and conflict related to racial-cultural identity myths (e.g., the Asian Model minority myth). My mission is to facilitate recovery and growth by integrating meaning, purpose and compassion as it relates to your underlying beliefs, feelings, behaviors and spirituality (if applicable), on personal, interpersonal and systemic levels. Collaboratively, I use strength based approaches by recognizing qualities such as your potential, ability to adapt, interests, and skills with evidence based modalities such as CBT, DBT and ACT. Body scans, breath work and mindful meditations are the most common mind body interventions I use. I help you change your relationship with distressing experiences that are aligned with your goals and values. Overall, my hope is for you to feel that I see your humanity and provide a warm, safe environment as you improve from your suffering. My work style best serves people who are insightful and motivated for positive change.


Anxiety, depression, health psychology, racial and multicultural identity


Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy acceptance and commitment therapy, body psychotherapy, existential therapy, meaning centered therapy, life review therapy, supportive therapy, compassion based therapy, mindfulness meditation