Ariane Aubourg, RPA-C


I am a very compassionate dedicated hard-working individual who treats people with respect and dignity. I find worth in every person, and I respect the individual’s right to self-determination. My background in hospital medicine, cardiology, and psychiatry/addiction medicine for more than 25 years allows me to approach patients in a multidisciplinary fashion.
I have experience in various settings including Montefiore and Mount Sinai Health Systems. I have accomplished a success rate of greater than 90% of my patient’s adherence to Hepatitis C treatment at one of the Mount Sinai Beth Israel outpatient clinics. This was due partly because of my willingness to go the extra mile to facilitate their treatment during their clinic visit.
I want to be able to combine my experiences with my interest in Holistic Wellness. This will put me in a better position to be able to help my patients achieve their optimal health and lifestyle. I believe in the holistic wellness approach which deals with the person as a whole to achieve a balanced Lifestyle.